Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Doing the instructor's evaluation

How to Complete an Online Instructor Evaluation

1. Go to the MSCC homepage and click on MSCC Online.

This can be accomplished by any one of the following:

a. Under Academics, there will be a drop down; on the drop down, click on Online Learning then on MSCC Online.

b. Under Quick Links click on Online Learning, then on MSCC Online.

c. Go to the bottom of the page and in the last line, click on MSCC Online.

2. Log into Motlow College Online

a. Type your regular Motlow Username and Password

b. You will be taken to the MSCC Online course page.

On this page, listed under My Motlow State Community College Courses,

will be all the courses in which you are currently enrolled, e.g.:

HIST – 2010 – F01 – United States History I

ECON – 2010 – L05 – Principles of Economics I BUS – 1210 – L01 – Introduction to Business

MATH – 1630 – M01 – Finite Mathematics

3. Click on the course in which you are to complete an evaluation.

An evaluation “pop-up page” will appear.

4. Simply click on the appropriate link to begin the evaluation

5. Complete the evaluation.

6. Click on the “submit button” when you are finished.

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