Friday, September 6, 2013

Assignment for Friday, September 13

  • Vocabulary: chasten, emulate, exemplar, meek, menial, predisposition, prowess, rend, revere
  •  PA 24-50
  • "Social Harmony"   (This essay is part of a much larger web page, so I don’t advise trying to print the whole thing.)


  1. Question.. With the article or blog I should say. By my understanding this article is about If you are getting old then you need learn martial arts that way you will be stronger and be prepared for something that might happen down the road... Now am I reading this correctly. I need some help...
    ---Shawna Cantrell

  2. I regret that I didn't see your post before class and trust your question was answered in class. And of course you get an A for the day for being the first to comment on the weblog.