Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Argumentation essay -- prewriting checklist

1. Main idea or thesis statement

— Is the main idea clear and concise?

— Does the main idea narrow the topic sufficiently for a 500-word essay?

— Is the main idea on the well-worn and off-limits topics of abortion, gun control, or capital punishment?

— Is the main idea truly the thesis of an argumentation essay? Is it a debatable point?

— Can the writer readily find supporting evidence for this topic?

— Does the author take a stand on the issue?

2. Paragraph outlines

— Is it clear what the main idea of each paragraph will be?

— Does the outline include an introductory paragraph? A concluding paragraph?

— Does the outline include three or more supporting paragraphs?

— Does the main idea of each supporting paragraph actually support the main idea of the whole essay?

— Does the main idea of each paragraph appear to be supportable with evidence?

— Do you see obstacles to fleshing out any of the supporting paragraphs?

3. Supporting evidence

— Has the writer included any supporting evidence in the outline?

— If so, is supporting information from other sources clearly marked so as to avoid plagiarism?

— Is bibliographic information included for any supporting information?

— If he or she has not already found sources, what is the writer’s plan to find three good sources for supporting information?

— What precautions is the writer taking to avoid plagiarism?

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