Thursday, September 23, 2010

Research paper topics

Update: This post has been changed to reflect a more accurate due date of Thursday, 11/18/10.

Choose one of the following topics for a 5- to 6-page research paper, due November 18, 2010.

  1. U.S. citizens should prepare now, becuase the current U.S. economic crisis is serious, deep, and will not improve for many years.

  2. The U.S. economy is strong, and the country should recover quickly from the current recession.

  3. The cost of a college education is rising faster than the value of a degree, and a traditional four-year college education is no longer worth the cost.

  4. Although the cost of a college education has risen dramatically over the past three decades, it is still well worth the heavy costs of earning a college degree.

  5. Colleges should act now to correct the growing gender imbalance on college campuses nationwide.

  6. Recent cuts to the NASA budget are a bad idea that will have seriously detrimental effects not only on America, but on the future of space exploration.

  7. Recent cuts to the NASA budget, although an apparent setback, will in fact help to usher in a golden age of private space exploration.

  8. The tea-party movement is truly a grassroots effort to restore constitutional principles and empower the average American.

  9. The so-called tea party movement is a dangerous and destructive movement of racism, hate, and intolerance.

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